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Some examples - this list is not exhaustive. It represents some of the guest presenters' input to ABLE members in recent months; each is delivered with a focus on benefiting the  "bottom line".

Learn how to use the media; improve your negotiating skills; graphology and calligraphy; health for CEO's; de Bono methods; authentic leadership; recruit and retain talent; go mad thinking; using helicopter management; walking with tigers; live life on purpose; how to improve your memory; key account management; lean enterprise; SAP and CRM; psychology of persuasion;       strategic visioning and alignment; success for CEO's; feel free to speak; problem solvingon a beermat; applications of hypnosis; incentive pay; Laser vision for execs; thoughts of Covey and Colin Powell; motivation and inspiration; NOW golf programme; the joys of fraud; mind matters; using break through thinking; high performance coaching:

The Able Group Company believes that success in business promotes success in life and vice versa - they are as irrevocably linked as the flavour of expertise presented here - with much more still available.

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