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Coaching one to one for Executives - examples.

Goal setting and establishing well formed outcomes / Using open question techniques with the help of Rudyard Kipling / Motivation and Inspiration / Personal Development / Create a proper work life balance.

Know your personal strengths and limitations / Develop a coping strategy.

Build rapport and interpersonal skills / Learn the art of delegation / Improve your negotiating position / Develop your listening skills - an introduction to using NLP techniques.

Workshops and Seminars.

Using performance indicators (KPI's) as a communication tool / Be an ambassador for your business / How to be a buying facilitator (a sales programme) / Understand body language and see buying signals.

Resolve conflict / Avoid anger management / Manage your fears / The difference between being assertive and being agressive / Learn how and when to coach & when to manage or direct.

Delegation - deputising or dumping? / Preparing for improved negotiations / How to use feedback  to improve communication / An introduction to NLP techniques through preferred learning styles.

The Able Group Company believes that every human being is unique in who they are and in how they do things. So every coaching programme, workshop and seminar is tailor made for the individuals participating in them.

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